Cultural Creative Park

Taking silk culture as its main form and carrier and cultural creative as its concept, Silk Cultural Creative Park of China is specialized in design and production, research and innovation, exhibition, tourism and leisure, experiential shopping and science popularization education. Silk Cultural Creative Park of China (“Silk Park of China” ) model has been duplicated in several cities including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Haikou. Silk Park of China has become a model window to carry forward silk culture and accelerate the transformation of China from a “Big Silk Nation” to a “Silk Power”.

Cultural Industry

Commercial Property

2. Forging Cultural Industrial Brands through Win-Win Cooperation

China Silk  Park is a joint venture founded by China Tongyuan Co., Ltd and Guangdong Silk and Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Formerly known as China Tongyuan Company, China Tongyuan Co., Ltd is subordinate to All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC). After restructuring in 2006, it has been jointly controlled by Shenzhen Qingpeng Group and ACFIC. The strategic positioning of the Tongyuan Co., Ltd is to conduct resources investment, including cultural resources investment, ecological resources investment and energy resources investment, etc.

For years, China Tongyuan Co., Ltd has made a series of investment to build platforms for the cultural industry, which is highly regarded by the government, the guild and all sectors of the society and gets good market effects.

Founded in October, 2009, Shaoguan Shixing Meijing Real Estate Co., Ltd is a joint venture invested by Guangdong Silk and Textile Group Co., Ltd and Shixing Jinxing Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Qingpeng Industrial Group.

At present, two major projects developed by us in Shixing County include Jiuling Cultural Center Garden with a floor area of 23,110 square meters and a floorage 110,000 square meters and Meijing Park with a 150,000-square-meter floor area. Composed of seven towers, Jiuling Cultural Center  Garden is a luxurious residential garden with double-landscape architecture and upscale edgy design. Meijing Park is another new project with a total floor area of 150,000 square meters and a floorage 380,000 square meters. It is made up of 60 villas and 20 19-floor towers. Supporting facilities of the project that have been planned include a large-scale business street, an industrial center of silk culture, a museum, upscale hotels, cinemas and top grade clubs as well as a key kindergarten of provincial level. The positioning of the project is a city villa of French style. It strives to forge a landmark villa building group in Shixing  County through combing the classical French landscaping art with details of life.